ISE's area of work includes ecological researches and other activities criticizing the industrial  overconsuming life styles that have a negative impact on natural, historical and cultural values, as well as defending the survival of biodiversity and all ecosystems! The group cooperates with other initiatives, independent groups, national and  international networks.

"Social Ecology" primarily questions the hegemonic relations  which exists in all levels of life and aims to create an eco-democratic society that doesn't involve hierarchy, where all decisions are taken by direct democracy in common participation.

Today, the ecological problems that are created by the human beings have no limits or borders. Therefore, we have to be aware of the problems and work on the solutions, not only locally, but also at national and international levels. "Social Ecology Group" also promotes protection of historical and cultural values and improving quality of life.

The group was founded in January 1995 by people experienced in civil initiatives and who were willing to think and act on both ecological and social issues. Since then, the group  has set an example for other initiatives, like Ankara and other local Social Ecology group initiatives.

We are a Non State Organization, and we do not accept any financial support from any person, organization, fund or the government in order to sustain our independence. Our organization doesn't have any hierarchy.

Our struggle to exist within a hierarchical society and to realize a working method like this has a lot of difficulties, but we are confident that the life style of the future will grow in societies that have a better understanding of freedom.

Some of the activities ISE did and/or participated so far:

  • April 1995: "Earth Day Symposium on Ecology and Health" in cooperation with Istanbul Chamber of Medical Doctors. Proceedings were published afterwards.
  • April 1995: One of our members participated in Alternative Climate Conference  in Berlin.
  • April 1995: Two of our members participated in activities against plans to build a nuclear power plant in Sinop(A town on the coast of Black Sea)
  • June 1995: organized a direct action against the privatization of "Kiz Kulesi" (which is a significant historical symbol of Istanbul in the Bosphorous) in cooperation with some other initiatives, artists and writers.
  • August 1995: A campaign was organized against Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Project in Istanbul. Then 24 volunteers participated in "The Akkuyu Festival 1995" which was organized by all anti-nuclear organizations of Turkey.
  • September 1995: Two of our members participated in "Walk Across Europe for a Nuclear Free World" in Russia for a week.
  • September 1995:"Cengelkoy Fish Festival" was organized with some local groups.
  • November 1995: ISE, Socialist Greens and Istanbul Greens decided to create a platform to call for Alternative Habitat II.
  • December 1995: One of our members participated in the Alternative Forum on Maastricht Treaty in Madrid.
  • February 1996: ISE participated in "Symposium on Green Politics" with two presentations in Istanbul.
  • March 1996: A one day conference on ecological issues was organized in Ankara.
  • April 1996: "10 Years of Chernobyl" campaign was started with Anti Nuclear Platform.
  • June 1996: "Alternative Habitat II" was accomplished by Alternative Habitat Platform which was formed by various green and peace groups and democratic organizations. This Alternative Habitat II included:
  • A one-day conference with European Parliament Green Group;
  • Workshops on Urbanization and Bosphorous;
  • Two-day conference which covered final discussions. Alternative Declaration is reachable at
  • July 1996: ISE participated the Habitat evaluation meeting organized by YEE in London.
  • April 1997: Symposium on "European Union and Imperialism" was organized with other green groups in Karaburun, Izmir
  • September 1997: A committee was sent to Southeastern Anatolia to investigate the devastation of ecology as a result of war in the region in cooperation with other green groups.